N64KR Black Bird KR2 First Flight on August 28, 2006

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This is Wannabee in Jerry's Factory when Jerry and Dan took it to Dan's shop to be completed in May 2001. Made it to the airport and got inspected Nov. 17 2005. Engine problems have prevented me from getting her into the air, but progress is being made.On August 28, 2006, N64KR took to the air. Working the ailerons and elevator, briefly, demonstrated that the little craft was ready to go.

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1/23/2005 The interior of the plane is finished. I used the very nice embroidery that Steve Glover sent to me. The fact that the rest of it is in the same color and looks much the same as Steve's, is just a coincidence as these colors were picked out shortly after the plane was moved to my shop.
The Black Bird as seen from the chase plane, an RV6 piloted by James Clark. This first flight went exactly as planned. More flight reports, as soon as I can find time to fly again. 1 hour and 2 landings.
September 3, 2012
The Black Bird is ready for the 40th anniversary of the KR, to be held in Mount Vernon, Il. this month.  Weather permitting, the Black Bird will depart KCUB for KMVN on September 27th.
Friday, December 30, 2005, Mark Langford flew his "very fast" "highly modified" KR2S, to KCUB for a visit. We did not have much time due to fog having delayed his departure, but it was great and I really enjoyed the opportunity to handle the stick on his plane for a short flight. Those flaps on his plane really make a difference.
Click on any picture for more pics of the construction of KR2 Black Bird.
11/11/2001 This is the latest completion... The seats are made of foam, plywood ribs and carbon fiber. Click on the picture for more pictures....

This web site is designed to allow you to view the building process of my KR-2 experimental aircraft. All information provided herein is the opinion of the builder and should be viewed as such. This web site is not in any way related to Rand-Robinson Engineering. This aircraft is mostly plans built. All modifications were made at the discretion of the builder. It has not been widened or stretched. The changes are mostly in the canopy and T-Deck.

Bad Lexan Windshield

Building the Oven and other Windshield stuff

Dan's Previously Built and Owned 'Little Beast'

Fitting and installing premolded engine cowling.....

Presentations from Other Builders

Jim Faughn -   A simple guide for "How to make A perfect landing in a KR."
Serge Vidal

Dan Freeman slide show of the 2008 KR Gathering in Mount Vernon, Ill

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KR2T - Courtesy of Dave Smith

Jim Morehead KR2

Larry Flesner Flying his KR2

Jeff Scott's Modifications

Scott Cable - Beautiful turtle deck and Todd Canopy.

Joe Weber, Completed KR2.

Steve Jones - N212KR.

Steven Lemke's KR2S with Todd Canopy.

KR Gathering 2008

KR Gathering 2009 - Pre Flight

KR Gathering 2012 - 40th Anniversary

CC #16 Ron Milan Engine Run - Long

CC #17 Trip from CUB to CC 17 along the coast, ending with the first run on my new Corvair engine.

CC #17 Video of My Corvair Engine, built by Roy Szarafinski - It has been installed on the Black Bird, KR2 and is operating flawlessly.

Corvair College 19 - Barnwell, SC - November 13, 2010

EAA Chapter #242 in Columbia, SC...

Steve Glover, a past winner of Best KR, has now acquired the rights to sell KR components.  You can also get plans through his company. 
Go to www.nvaero.com   and check it out.
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