Read this first

The first flight shown, was flown on 8/24/2008 and was a flight to the airports on the farthest points of my restricted area, with the exception of KOGB, which I have been to many times, and by the time I got to KBNL, I was very tired and it was getting hot. This was the end of 3.8 hours of fuel measured flight at 3000 rpm.

Upon landing back at KCUB, I checked the hours and fuel consumption. Today's flight was 3.0 hours, bringing the total to 33.6, leaving 6.4 hours to go. With .8 hours since previous top off, that makes 3.8 hours on 13.4 gallons or 3.52 GPH at 3000 RPM. Next, I will check it at 3200 RPM.

This is an edited version of the video that a friend took for me. I had a lot of problems getting it edited for viewing over the web as I don't know much about how to do that and am using tools that came with my computer. I will try to get some better clips later. It does have audio, so turn up the volumn and enjoy it.

On the third flight, I was able to test the second iteration of the fixed trim tab. It now requires only a small amount of additional trim to fly level, so I will keep it like that to test with passenger weight. The little Mercury mirror motor servo is working perfectly. So now we just need to determine how long it will last. I was able to take these pictures without having to hold the stick. What a plane!

With the plane trimmed, it will fly hands off. If I put it in a turn, it will stay there, in a climb, it will stay there. This is a rock solid plane.


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