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The location and facilities for Corvair College 19, November 13, 2010, were second to none.  The weather was perfect, except for the cold night for the campers.  There was more than enough space and were plenty of tables for the engine builders.  The food that I had was really good, and the BBQ that had been cooking all night smelled like it was going to be the best. 

Dan showed up, Cleanex-less, which was a dissappointment for me and I am sure most of the other attendees. 

Roy, as usual, was busy helping all the builders with technical advise and demonstrations, and William was around helping and giving advise as only William can do.

At around 2:00 on Saturday, things were going very slow for me as the only real activity outside the building, was PF Beck giving rides in his Piet, for a while, but had now quit.  Mark and Joe had not arrived yet and I figured that being so late, they must have decided not to come, given the issues with Mark's engine.  However, I suspected that if I were to leave, they would show, so I left, and they came.  See what sacrifice I make for you guys!

The big dissappointment for me, was that there were not more builders and flyers with such perfect weather and great facilities.  But, maybe next year.  I did get a new engine cover and an old MA3, from William while I was there.


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