Read this first

Jerry and I were told that Lexan was adversely affected by fuel and that if we used this material for a windshield that we could end up with cloudy spots where fuel may get on it. We also know of it's low level of scratch resistance. We found out that this level was basically zero. You can scratch it by running your finger over it.

What we did not know was that it would begin to craze over time. After we started telling everyone about the problem, stories began coming out of the woodwork. Several people, who are not on the KR-Net told me of their horror stories. One person had the windshield blow out on approach to landing. Someone else told us that he had seen Lexan explode when hit by gasoline.

The bottom line is, you don't want to use this material to make a windshield if you have to put much of a bend in it because it does not "cold form" very well. So, then, you want to heat form it. Well, it must be thoroughly dried out before you do such a thing and you most likely don't have the equipment to accomplish this. A much better material is Acrylic.

However, the real bottom line is...

Buy a bubble.

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