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So far all flights have been solo. Climb is 850 to 900 fpm at 90mph. Stall is around 50. I am seeing about 140 mph indicated at 2400 rpm. The handling is fantastic- the controls are very light. I run out of trim at cruise and have to hold a very small amount of aft stick. The flaps are not very effective but do help slow it down a bit. I have been approaching at about 80 to keep the runway in sight as the forward visability is poor once it slows down, solo from the rear. Landing is fairly straight forward until it slows to about 30 and then it is a bit of a handfull - or maybe footfull. I'm sure it is more me than the airplane but I find that the rudder is so sensitive that I find myself overcontrolling. I am learning to just tap the rudder instead of actually moving it- this works better

The KR2T Presented by Dave Smith