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Drove the last 11 hour leg of the trip to and from the Gathering yesterday.  It rained from just outside Atlanta to about 25 miles from my house and by then it was dark.  I was fearful of my life, but then, totally convinced that I made the right choice to leave the Black Bird where she was safe.

 Even with the continual agonizing over having to leave my Bird at home, it was a great Gathering.  Russ’s Baby was certainly a hit and a very appropriate version of the KR2 for the 40th anniversary.  He took Best Paint, Best KR, and Peoples’ Choice.  In my humble opinion, he deserved every one of them.  You will see his plane front and center of the big Gathering picture that Dave Mullins took, like they did several years ago.

 The following are notes that I took from some of the E-Mails that were sent out after the Gathering

Getting 10 KRs to show up with the weather so bad, shows how much the Builders want to contribute to this event, some of them even risk their life and come very close to losing it.  But in this case, I should have used the plural “lives”, because apparently Steve has several of them.  As I saw him walking around the Gathering and talking to people, it was a bit “surreal” because you could never tell that he had been through that horrible ordeal.  He always had a smile on his face and when asked about the accident, would find a way to put a positive slant on it, like, “I was going to replace that firewall anyway”.   He was an inspiration to me, just by his being there.

Just a note to all who came to the gathering this year. It was wonderful to see all of your smiling faces again, especially Steve Glover who thank God was not hurt in the bad weather incident. Thank you all for the effort in coming and especially to all those who brought your planes for us slackers to look at. I met some new KR enthusiasts who are joining our ranks to spread the KR fever and build their dream plane. Good luck to you all.

Larry, as usual you are organized, efficient, uplifting and flawless in hosting the KR Gathering. You make a difficult thing look easy. I think a lot of us just come, have fun and don't really realize the effort you have invested for several months in advance and after. Shirts, hats, shipping and all might be a pain in the backside but you take on the challenge with a smile. We all need to give you some relief some way or another. I think we all know you would like to spend more time flying and talking by your plane so next year let us help you. Thanks to your helpers at the tables and forum presenters. Then there is Chris (SPARKY) the ever positive airport manager, what a gem for MtVernon and us KR enthusiasts.

Eric P thanks for spending time with Mrs H and me, we enjoyed it. Oh, at least I was smart enough to marry up when I was young and knew everything!

One more Gathering "in the books" !!!  Good turnout in spite of the weather.  We did have part of Friday and Saturday that turned out to be really nice weather.

My trusty dodge got me and the camper home safe and sound. It was great seeing everyone again. Larry H your wife is too good for you, she is a great LADY and I hope to see her again. Larry F did another bang up job with the whole gathering again.


Home safely, Had a fantastic time and had my mental batteries recharged. Ready to make some serious progress on the KR. See everyone next year.


Just wanted to let everyone know that N886MJ delivered me home safely. I arrived in Stevens Point, WI at 11:00 AM. It was a beautiful flight and smooth as glass all the way. Thanks to everyone who helped make the Gathering happen and it was great to see everyone again. Let the countdown to KR Gathering 2013 begin. Only 365 days.


Landed at 04TN at about 12:45 local after about 3.3 hours flying and about one hour on the ground at BWG for fuel, Breakfast and waiting for WX to improve at home. It was good to see everyone again, we'll do it again in about a year.


Hey guys - I got home at about 11:20 local. exactly 4 1/2 hours, most of it at 11,500'. Finally had a tail wind for a flight. I didn't figure it out yet but I burned a little less than 20 gal. for the 740 miles. N3578CJ now has 760 hours on her and doing great. Another great KR gathering- It was great to see the family again.Larry- I found my camera pack in a bag halfway home- my phone is dead or I would have calledThansk for everything,Joe Horton



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