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Mark arrived later than we had hoped, due to early morning fog in Alabama. In fact, he had called and told me that he could not make it, so I went on with my work on checking out the Aero Carb installation. I was in the Black Bird, warming her up when I got another call. Mark would be on his way in a couple of minutes. 1 hour and 45 minutes, he landed in Columbia. We had a great visit, but in hindsight, lunch would have been an ROC Cola and a Moon Pie, or something like that.

The only thing wrong with this visit was that it was too short and Mark had to push the limit to get home before dark. He made it safe and sound.

His plane is as solid as a rock on the control and had no problem getting my 190 pounds off the ground. Having flown with him and being able to get my hand on the stick of a KR again has renewed my confidence on being able to handle that first flight.

Thanks, Mark.

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