LangfordVisit_20051230_01.jpg If you can find N56ML, you can see that he landed using only a very small section of our runway.
LangfordVisit_20051230_02.jpg This was one of the most perfect landings that I have seen in a KR. And when he took me up later, we had a 90 crosswind and it really did not seem to bother him at all because he made an equally good landing.
LangfordVisit_20051230_03.jpg It must get hot in there.
LangfordVisit_20051230_04.jpg Arrival, later than expected due to Fog at home.
LangfordVisit_20051230_05.jpg The visit was way too short, but that is the price for winter flying
LangfordVisit_20051230_06.jpg Off to fill up for the trip home.
LangfordVisit_20051230_07.jpg Bye, have a great flight home. I'll be coming to see you soon.