IG01Magneticpickupsfingerrelays.jpg Here is the first picture. It shows the main components, as they come out of a motorcycle. On the right hand side, you can see the "finger", which is roughly a cam-shaped piece of steel. It rests on a support plate, and is spring-loaded. You can see the support plate (darker color) through the hole in the top (lighter color) plate. The two black, banana-shaped parts are the magnetic pickups. They are held by two screws each to a support plate, and are horizontally opposed. On the lower side of the top one, you can see a vertical silver bar. This is the sensing area.
On the left are the two relays.
IG02Relaysandcoils.jpg This picture shows you how the relays and coils are rigged on my aircraft. This is with the new engine, so with two spark plugs per cylinder, and two coils.
IG03Coils.jpg This is a close up of the coils rigging.
IG04RearignitionBracket.jpg This is the only picture I have of the rigging of the finger and magnetic pickups to the engine block. I'm afraid it's a bad picture. It dates back to the old engine, so you can see only two coils. If you look carefully, you will see a black strip of metal coming from the top left of the engine block to the crankshaft area. That's one arm of the magnetic pickups support bracket.
IG05Frontignitionbracket.jpg That one requires some explanation. To make the system redundant, a second set of magnetic pickups has been added at the front of the engine, that is the propeller side. Since the propeller flange is on the way, there is no finger. It is replaced by a steel grubscrew that protrudes from the propeller shaft. The pickups are mounted on a plate that is attached to the engine block. Actually, it's two half plates, because the propeller flange is on the way. And the plates have two spacers each to get the correct distance between the block and the grubscrew.
Naturally, no finger means no centrifugal advance/retard mechanism; so, you can't start on that ignition system. You can switch it on only once the engine is running.

If I had to redo it,, I would have rigged two complete systems, complete with fingers, to the other side of the engine.

IG06Magneticpickupsandgrubscrew.jpg This is a close up that shows you the grubscrew going under one of the magnetic pickups.
IG07Ignitionswitches.jpg This view of the instrument panel shows you how the system is controlled. The switches on the right hand side are, from left to right: master (key), Alternator (it is actually a 40 amps breaker that looks like an ordinary switch), Ignition 1 switch, Ignition 2 switch, electrical master, fuel pump.

Above the key, you can see the amber Alternator annunciator.

On top of each switch (including ignition switches) is a LED.

There also is a voltmeter, an ammeter, and two pop-out breakers for the two ignition systems.