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Well I've fianally got my KR2 done & flying with 16 hrs so far.

It's a fixed tricycle gear with a type 4, 2.6 liter.
N212KR is a blast to fly. Flew to my first flyin to Placid Lake, Fl last
Sunday& got a lot of looks.

I still need to prop it,only gettin 3100 rpm max in flight.

I love flyin this KR every eve. & weekends.

Here's the latest on N212KR up & flyin with painted weel pants.

Got 32 hrs on it now & lovin every min. of it. next is a new seat to match. still waiting on a new sturba prop to try. with current prop, 120 mph cruise, 150 mph w.o.t. everyone is given hi marks on it so far.