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A little background, the fuselage has been widen 4”.

The canopy as delivered could accommodate at least a total of 8” extra without a problem. It is rounder than a dragonfly and sleeker than the stock Ran Robinson and much bigger than both. The canopy is positioned about 12” from the firewall and 2 ½” above the longerons at the back.

I have cut 6” off the front and 2” off the rear for my installation. I could have cut an additional 8” off the back and 3” on the sides to have a lower sleeker profile but I really wanted the room inside. With the way it is installed now I have 3 ½” headroom sitting straight up and this is with having 4” below the seat.

There is absolutely no distortion, the optics are perfect. I purchased it about 8 months ago in the group purchase and bought 2 for $600 plus $65 for delivery. That came out to be just $332.50 per canopy. It was a bargain.

I did try to square it off a bit at the back to increase the room on the side. This increased the curve front to back to much so I just went with a almost perfect arc in the back.

One of the strong selling points is the guarantee, Todd will replace the canopy if it is broken while YOU are installing it. For a first time builder this is great insurance.

With any luck I will be bring it to Red Oak in 2003

Todd’s Canopies