Elec_Turn_Gyro_01.jpg On the left is an Astro Instruments Turn and Slip
Elec_Turn_Gyro_02.jpg On the Right is a Brittain Industries Rate of Turn Indicator.
Elec_Turn_Gyro_03.jpg Yes, the one on the right is upside down.
Elec_Turn_Gyro_04.jpg This is the Astro, and it is $225 plus shipping.
Elec_Turn_Gyro_05.jpg This is the Britttain and it is $195 plus shipping.
Elec_Turn_Gyro_06.jpg Shipping the US, runs around $10.
Elec_Turn_Gyro_07.jpg The Astro came out of the Little Beast, and it performed without problems.
Elec_Turn_Gyro_08.jpg The Brittain came out of the Black Bird and was working perfectly when it was removed.
VSI, Only 15 hours flying time. Removed from the Black Bird when I installed the Dynon. - $140
The EGT/CHT is the only one of this group that I am prepared to sell right now. Gauge with both senders - $70. As best that I can calculate, this is half the price of new.
I may sell these other instruments, but need to decide if I want to put them in the Black Bird, first.
Altimiter - $125
Westach Tach - $50
Westach Fuel Gauge. Goes with the sender that is in the fuel tank. - $25
Hobbs meter. This was installed in the rear bulkhead of the Little Beast. It was there because it is a different style and because it was much easier to get the reading after I have gotten out of the plane. - $10
Very nice Pitot tube. It is a "heated" tube if you were to choose to connect up the heat wires. - Over $430 new, I will sell this for $200. You can probably make one for next to nothing, but if you want it, that is the price. You can get a new mounting bracket from Spruce for about $30.
Forward deck with instrument panel built in to the aft part of it. Also has the fuel filler access in the proper place for this fuel tank. - $50
Can sort of see the instrument panel here.
Fuel line and drain line taps. This drain line crosses over the cutout, to pick up the low point on each side of it, for draining water from the tank. I later removed the lines and installed a marine filter and never had a water problem, but if you want drain lines, they are there.
Flush fitting cap
The tank went under this
The radio cutout










The deck with radio and transponder tray left in.
Inside the deck, the blue foam was there as a buffer between the tank and the underside of the deck around the hole for the filler cap.