seats009.jpg Foam with 3/32" wood ribs
seats008.jpg Notice the foam sandwiched between the ribs.
seats010.jpg Laying up the carbon fiber as taught by Mark Langford
seats004.JPG Thin and light

You can see the area

i had to clear for the stick

seats001.JPG Carbon Seats with dual sticks
seats002.JPG Seats span the spars
seats003.JPG Note the space for the elevator control tube.
seats013.jpg Note the tunnel to protect the tube. It is easy to get in and out as you can stand in the middle of the seat and the tunnel will not give way.
seats014.jpg Seat back made of 1/4" lastofoam
seats015.jpg Covered with 1 layer of carbon fiber on each side
seats016.jpg These seats just snap in place
seats017.jpg I don't think they need any fasteners other than my rear end and me held in with seat belts. In fact, I did not need anything other than the seat back and the upholstery, to keep them in place.